Cell Map

Cell MapHaving trouble getting a signal? Want to know where your local cell towers are?

Cell Map plots the location and strength of all the cell transmitters that your phone is connected to. Just move closer to one for a better signal!

Cell Map can even locate transmitters that are too weak to make a call from, ideal for areas with poor signals.

Currently only supports 2G connections but many 3G and 4G transmitters are often located on the same tower.

Cell Map

Cell Map



Hi, does my 4.0.4 android have to be set to 2G only for this app to work? Will you be upgrading the app for 3G and 4G?
How long should it take to aquire radio signal? On the signal level, what do the different colors indicate? Thanks, Ken

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In 3G mode it really depends on your device rather than the Android version, unfortunately some manufactures haven't fully implemented the system calls necessary for acquiring the cell locations.
The signal level colours range from red through through to green to indicate low to high respectively. As with the location the actual signal level reported varies between manufactures.
I intend to add 4G support at some point, I just need to get my hands on a 4G capable phone.

Can this app detect a stingray being used? Like a tower in motion, or a new tower that wasn't there before?

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Surveillance instruments are designed to act as a bona fide device so cannot be detected by standard hardware. If these can be found it would require very specialist knowledge and hardware.

Love this app and use it on my phone a lot as I live in the outback of Wales where towers are rare.
Is there anyway I can run it on my Linux laptop with Zte dongle and three network to find which tower I am using. There are only 3 towers on the local tv relay masts in my area and all are slightly obstructed by hills.
can't put the sim in my phone as it's data only.
Thanks, Alan

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Good to hear it's useful, unfortunately Linux doesn't provide the required access to the radio that Android does so I won't be able to write a Linux version.

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