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Hi Al, great app, thank you very much.

I am using this with a Parrot Asteroid Smart, to output the GPX file to Garmin Base Camp.

I am a little confused about the time zone settings in the app. In one setting, the GPX file shoes "-0700" at the end of each time stamp, and in the other setting the file shows "z" after each time stamp.

Garmin Base Camp can only open the file version that ends in "z". The other log file format just gives an error in Base Camp.

However, it incorrectly winds back the time by 7 hours from the actual time of day here in Pacific Time Zone, USA.

Is there a way to set up GPX Logger so that the actual time of day in this time zone is logged?

BTW, just FYI, the log files are saved to the SD card in the Asteroid Smart by default. Not sure why, given your posts suggesting only the internal memory can be used to store the log files. Maybe something specific to the PAS.