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Location.getAccuracy()/5 seems to be OK for older devices, but most newer devices with GLONASS report it as /3 from the ones I've tested. I'm not prepared to add anything to the output if it can't be validated.

GpsStatus.NmeaListener does work but it's very heavy on the battery so I've had to rule that out.

I do like the barometer idea but ideally have to be calibrated from a known altitude, much as a pilot would do before flight, and could only be treated as somewhat relative rather than absolute (weather conditions vary). The calibration could be done automatically to the nearest airport but I haven't found a worldwide source for this.
I'm wondering about adding this, but currently none of the devices in my "Big Box O' Phones" has a barometer, time for eBay I think.

As for which elevation to record I say give the user the choice - one, the other or both (by extending the schema).

Just a word of warning I've see some posts berating the repeatable accuracy of some droid barometers. If you have one I'd be interested to know what you think of it's performance.