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Hi Al,

Thank you very much for your superb GPX Logger.
I would like to record and evaluate my phones GPS "noise floor" since I am in the progress of building my own bluetooth device with the aim of at least an order less noise than usual inbuilt antennas.

Anyway, yesterday I have been recording for some minutes and it seems (confirmed by a short test today) that GPX Logger only records a changed coordinate if the phone was actually moved. If it is kept steady, I have many positions recorded with exactly identical positions showing literally zero noise. (INFO: Settings “Min time (s)” = 0, “Min distance (m)” = 0.0, and 7 to 10 satellites tracked).

Once I have set "Min distance (m)” = 0.01 and 7 to 10 satellites are tracked, I see update intervals which can take longer than 100 seconds, indicating that this is a feature of the phone. Do you use the fused positron or GPS only signal?

Now, if this is a hidden feature you have implemented to save battery would there be an option to disable this? Or is this some feature my phone comes with (Google nexus on 4.4.4) and you have no control over? Would it be possible to switch to some more accurate reading on the expense of battery life?

On a different point, would you be willing to provide an option which would allow starting rec only once a certain accuracy limit is reported from the device (and keeps recording once it has been reached!)?

Many thanks and all the best,