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Hi Al
Some time ago here was doscussion about barometiric pressure readings. Are there any news? I'm searching for application to log GPS and barometric pressure to carry around less devices :-) (output as GPX)
As of now it looks like all are relying on adding evelation data based on mathematical model, rather than using barometric readings, it would be great if your application can suport it.
To the calibration topics discussed: usually one of the 'easy' options is used (this can be in general done on any point of track, but most often being done on start/end):
- Calibrate on known elevation: On actual GPS position I know elevation which I enter and this calibrates (re-calculation needed) the recording (my preference see below)
- Calibrate on known pressure: On actual GPS position I know what is the pressure, which calibrates (re-calculation needed) the recording

Then there are more complicated methods e.g. use closest airport (as elevation of airport is known and airports usually also provide actual weather data) or usage of weather forecasts where it is forecasted that for e.g. my region pressure today in 1000m will be 900 hPa
And also there are more compllicated compensation as this also depends on temperature and potentially weather changes

However for non-professional usage I consider the "I know my actual altitude" as more than sufficient, because in 99% of all cases I start from known place (=known elevation) or on the way I have some known altitude (peak, lake, river, touristic marker etc...) when I got there I simply enter the altitude and this recalculates the recording. Also alternativelly the applicaiton can build database of these already entered figures so next time when I start on the same place it calibrates automatically (or I can only click 'auto calibrate')

Apologize for longer text, but tried to give more info...
What do you think about this feature for your application?