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Currently the bearing is not saved in the GPX file, but I'm currently testing an update that will save it along with the speed. If this doesn't break anything expect to see it soon.

You can use the GPSBabel utility to calculate the speed and bearing from existing files by using the command:

gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f input.gpx -x track,speed,bearing -o gpx,gpxver=1.0 -F output.gpx

It also has a GUI:

  • Change the 'Format' in both input and output to 'GPX XML'
  • Select your input file and a file to save to by clicking the two 'File Names(s)' buttons
  • Click 'Filters' and 'Speed' and 'Course' (bottom right of the new window that opens), followed by 'OK'
  • In the 'Output' section click 'Options', then tick 'Target GPX  version for output' and enter '1.0' next to it. Accept it by locking 'OK'
  • Convert the file by pressing 'OK'

Hope that helps.