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Thanks for your timely reply. The “RTLSDR Scanner” prompt didn’t appear in my Windows 7 Start Programs list. I did a complete re-install and now I have the prompt but when I click on it, it opens a command window that says RTL Scanner, writes some code and closes the window –but nothing else happens.

Tomorrow I’ll do a fresh Windows 7 install and try again. My RTL hardware isn’t due to arrive from China until the 19th – 26th of Feb. so I have time to get this installed. I have SDR# installed and it may be interfering with your program. I’m in touch with Bill (who posted on 02/08/2014) and he has offered to help me with an Ubuntu install. His preference for RTLSDR Scanner is what led me here.

I reinstalled under XP and now I get an error message “msvcr100.dll was not found”. I’ll re-image that partition tomorrow and try again. I’ll post back if I’m successful.

The command prompt approach didn't work for me either.

Again, thanks for getting back so quickly.