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I pulled the latest code from git a couple days ago and regardless of settings, the app core dumps when I click "start". I'm running Ubuntu 13.10. Going back through the commit history, the core dumps start at commit 653b3b1d88d132fc931566ef49736447fd170841, "Finer dwell control". I haven't tracked down the cause of the core dump yet.

If I revert back to the commit prior, it does run, however the update mode used for the chart makes it unusable for a scan of any real size. It seems to gather a full scan and then update the plot in small chunks, replotting and re-scaling the entire chart each time. Even for the default FM band scan, this makes the program unresponsive for minutes between each scan.

One other thing I have found, even in the version that was working for me is that the local oscilator value is not interpreted correctly. I'm trying to determine the delta, but it looks like it may be off by about 1000Mhz. If I set the LO value at 1998Mhz, it looks like it may use 998Mhz for the actual frequency calculation.