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I think I might have confused you about my hard drive setup. I only have one hard drive in the computer at a time. They are in removable caddies partitioned with a 50 GB active ntfs boot partition and a ~139 ntfs data partition.

Today I installed Windows 7 Home Premium from the Microsoft DVD. I did not install any updates in case one of the updates was interfering with your script. RTLSDR Scanner still wouldn’t load.

Next I tried installing pyparsing but it said missing MSVCR71.dll. I downloaded that and put it in the Windows\SysWOW directory and pyparsing installed. Now when I try to run RTLSDR Scanner I get: “Import error: Error loading librtlsdr. Make sure librtlsdr are in your path

Error importing libraries
Press [Return] to exit

Not sure what I can do to help you.