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Hi Tobby,

Thanks for posting this, it's interesting to see how this works in the field as I a unable to test it myself.

From your test and others that I've been sent it seems to do the job. I've added some features recently which should make scanning easier; the 'Start' and 'Stop buttons can now be changed to 'Continue' and 'Stop at end' which means you can move to a location make a few sweeps at that point then continue the scan at another location. The more locations you survey will increase the accuracy.

The mapping can't distinguish 'real' signals from reflected paths so I would expect you'd get better results in less built up areas and with higher frequencies where line of sight propagation is dominant. A few users have mapped mobile phone transmitters in their area and it does seem they get better results with the 4G 1.7 - 2.1GHz bands than the GSM bands on 800MHz or thereabouts.

Finally thank you for the donation, they all add up and allow me to spend time on FOSS projects which I really enjoy.