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Hello Alan,
Yesterday I installed your RTLSDR-Scanner software on Windows7 64 bits. It works perfectly with the key RC HD Cinergy without GNU. Thanks for a wonderful and clever program compiled for Windows. I am a ham radio happy and this tool is useful to search for issuance in the VHF and UHF 144 MHz to 432 MHz. It lacks only one thing to find the equivalent of a spectrum analyzer: namely, the continuous scanning without a stop after the first scan. Would it be possible to add this to a typical RF analyzer functionality?. In conjunction with this option you can consider if it is possible remanence of the spectrum with a refresh every 1, 2, 3, and 10 scans v "never" to an accumulation peaks on a very long time. What do you think? To me this mode is very important. Thank you again for your great work of research applications RYLSDR stick. Good luck. Cordially Pascal f1mij