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I have built a little homebrew noise source to experiment some stuff with an USB dongle and a 125MHz upconverter and with RTL SDR Scanner :
- A video amp salvaged from the trash from 0 to 30MHz : strange no flat BW with several peaks
- An old MFJ all SW bands preamp antenna from 0 to 30MHz : the gain curve is clearly visible, but the frequency dial of the MFJ is not reliable
- The upconverter itself from 0 to 100Mhz : the BW is as expected from 0.5 to 65MHz
- An experimental pass-band filter 2X L=1uH C=270pF coupled with a 10pF : we can see the two peaks like camel bumps
- ...
It is tricky to tune it with the LC circuits, but you can do it with some patience, playing with the gain and attenuation, and having some care in order not to damp the LC circuit

I don't understand all the commands and what sometime it bugs, but I'm really impressed by the offered possibility of this program !