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Dear Alan,
Another quick note to throw some ideas for improvement on this already great before I forget ... but these remarks are called for a constructive purpose and not anything imperative. To see if it would be possible to add a vertical line marker in the stop mode to better locate the frequency or maybe a cross on the blue line of the spectrum. The frequency and the cursor would be visible at the top of the window ... would be better if the text just above the spectrum peak examines the place. Very good for the scan range at the bottom with the start frequency and stop frequency ... However, you may also provide input to the center frequency and span of bandwidth for research: this method may be faster for the user. It would be really nice to have the adjustment of the gain in the low spectrum under the direct access without going through the menu. Another idea would be to put four windows side by side to see for example the occupation of four frequency ranges at the same time with a single key ... course of the scanning would be a window to another in a cyclic manner without stop with a tidal of the screen at each scanning ... Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Window 4 Window 1, etc ...
That is all for now. Excellent work and soon to test a new Windows version, 73's of F1MIJ