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Good to hear you're results, it's the first time someone has told me of their results, thank you.

I'm a bit wary of using absolute measurements as the gain does vary with the type of tuner in the dongle and it does appear that in some there is a certain amount of AGC even at 0dB gain.

I'm really not sure of input levels as the datasheets* are not available, I'm sure the signal will be clipped way before the input diodes start conducting.
With a suitable signal generator and oscilloscope you could probe the I and Q outputs of the tuner to see when clipping appears. Otherwise use something like SDR#, turning up the input signal and watch for odd harmonics of the input, to give you a rough idea of levels.

*The maximum input level of the E4000 tuner (now obsolete) is 10dBm, but this the maximum rating before destroying the LNA, not the dynamic range.