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Hi there and thanks for the excellent program! Looks like there are a million uses out there based on some of the comments so far. I'm not surprised - this package has a simple interface but excellent functionality. I am using your software for wideband scanning (currently 18-88MHz) to pick up spectral signatures of solar flare activity. So I am mostly interested in running LONG scans and looking for visual artifacts first up, that I can then correlate with other data sources. I'm basically running into memory problems due to the immense amount of data. I'm wondering if you'd be interested in adding some functionality to help out? I think from 2 angles, first to apply some sampling/averaging or sweep delays to reduce the data density and possibly ability to do continuous scans for time periods from the command line. This way I can automate the data collection process and manage the data size. I imagine if I get more data this may kill the graphics too... not sure. Would be great to hear your comments! In the mean time I'll keep scanning - thanks! Tony