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Hi, Thanks I'm glad you like it.

Just a word of warning; without an up-convertor, modding your dongle or using an experimental driver you are unlikely to properly tune below about 24MHz at best (with a R802T tuner).

Thanks for the suggestions for reducing data, I hadn't thought about adding a delay between the sweeps, I'll add this soon(ish).

You can reduce the graphics load by setting the 'Display' (bottom right of the main screen) to 'Status' which is significantly lighter, or using it from the command line.

I've been thinking about adding some sort of scheduled scanning for some time now, thanks to conversations with other radio astronomers. Until I implement this I recommend you use your operating systems scheduler (it's different on each one) to run the scanner and use the '--sweeps' switch to specify the number of sweeps. You can then use the scanner in GUI mode to merge these together ('File -> Merge' will merge a file with the currently loaded one).
  Remember to give each scheduled run a different output filename.

Hope that helps.