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Hello, I am using eartoearoak on my PC and this is quite excellent except I cannot display the data in the table under frequency in MHz, where am I wrong ? I use win 7 64 bits and TRL dongle.

I would like to translate the manual in french, do you have it in doc format, this is more easy for me to insert the french text between the picture than playibg with a pdf and asking you to do the job. I already made the translation (free of charge of course) of HDSDR, Airscout and another one (I forget). You can check on these site the results.

Last but not least, does the version for linux Debian works on Raspi 2 with a tft ? I would like to build a spectrum analyser with a 7" screen and your soft for my radio astronomy uses.

Thank you anyway for your software, I will do a donation later, for the moment I ma moving from my house to another one and I am a little bit dry.

Best regards from britany, France

Jean Marie