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Please can you clarify something for me, I use your software with command like this -s 1240 -e 1480 -g 20.7 -P 67 test.rfs on 1 machine or 2 with (rtl_tcp -a IP_standbyhost -P -g 20.7 and -s 1240 -e 1480 -r IP_standbyhost test.rfs), BUT that readings are always different from different command readings like this rtl_power -f 1240M:1480M:0.1M -g 50 -p 67 -e 24h test.csv, for arround 13 dB, which is HUGE. That means that in that range actually are not readings at all, maybe faulty readings. I run both command on same rtl card, also I will left link so that you can look about what I'm talking (2 filesdifferent commands rtl_power and yours). Know for sure that in that range operate something with hopping channel.