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I've been using this for a couple weeks now, i find it extra useful to testing antenna / noise / grounding setups and doing cross band comparisons.

two features that are missing

One is a non-interactive / headless mode whee someone can initiate a scan with out a gui, this would be useful for scheduling scans to run when your not around.

The 2nd is the option of a non-memory resident storage of the spectrum data during scans,
I like to run may of stuff Rtlsdr-Scanner on small "embedable" platforms ( such as the Raspberry Pi or Alix 3d2 ) that I temporarily install remotely (like a roof top) and access remotely.
Unfortunately I run out of memory if I do anything more then then small scan.

have you looked into using using something like the Shelve module for a db backed dictionary ? looking though the code major problem would be floats being used as keys.