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Hi Al
I followed your Ubuntu instructions and got this working on the Raspberry Pi (already had numpy and rtl-sdr libraries installed) - thank you.
However, I can only get the waterfall demo working - lovely display and the controls work nicely.
If I run, the program doesn't get to the plotting part, but no errors are reported - I stopped it with z after waiting for a while - this is the terminal output:
[email protected] ~/pyrtlsdr $ python
Found Elonics E4000 tuner
Configuring SDR...
sample rate: 2.400000 MHz
center frequency 100.000000 MHz
gain: 9 dB
Reading samples...
signal mean: (-0.00154140696806-0.000662321202895j)
Testing callback...
in callback
signal mean: (-0.000668065688189-0.000628632190181j)
in callback
signal mean: (-0.00067491718367-0.000640210918352j)

Any help welcome
[1]+ Stopped python