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I'd like to use RTLSDR-Scanner to create a heatmap of signal levels on shortwave frequencies.

Ideally I'd like to be able to use a RTL SDR V3 dongle which incorporates a 820 T2 tuner (which is fine) and also has a direct sampling function for the Short Wave bands already built in.

So ideally I'd like to be able to select direct sampling by having an option to enable the normally unused Q input on the RTL2832U chip rather than the I input which is fed from the 820 T2 tuner.

Alternatively, I may be able to run SDR# in the direct sampling mode and drive this from RTLSDR Scanner using the SDRSharp Net Remote plugin. However I have installed the plugin and have verified that it is working by means of telnet, but RTLSDR Scanner doesn't seem to connect to it. Do I need to configure RTLSDR Scanner in some other way in addition to ticking the 'tune sdr #' box in the preferences menu ?


Martin - G8JNJ