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Hi Al,

A standard CSV format file would be fine.

Basically the same information that would be conveyed in the export map function, except that instead of producing the graphic map overlay information the following detail would be saved as one line of a CSV file per scan.

Date, Time, Frequency, Bandwidth, Latitude, Longitude and Signal level for each scan result.

The frequency and bandwidth data is as specified in the export map setting fields so that it's possible to export several files with different center frequencies and bandwidth settings. Then at a later time it would be possible to extract the separate sets of frequencies and produce separate overlaid heat maps showing the 'background' signal level and that of a specific (separate) signals contained within the scan.

This is useful when plotting interference as it then makes it possible to setup a baseline map with the normal noise floor on an adjacent frequency, and then overlay the interfering signal so that you can see the delta's.

I hope this makes sense.


Martin - G8JNJ