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Many thanks for the software, superb visualisation of spectrum using inexpensive hardware.

My radio use is virtually zero due to local noise sources, I'd love to be able to use something like this to take timed scans, save them and later produce a baseline comparative noise plot for identifying times of peak interference and extent.
I see what I think is the same source extending across a wide swath if I could identify it coming on and going off it would be easier to know if I'm dealing with one or more devices with a similar signature (PLT). This is not a request just a "wouldn't it be great if"
Timed plots
Saved to website
Running plot with baseline comparison or "compared to" - some time scale
Could also be used to watch the affects of solar flares or greyline propagation.

Another thing that I wondered about is more parameters saved in the output to show device, frequency ppm, gain, dwell, offset etc. This might allow others to recreate a similar plot in their location.

Thanks again.