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When you extract the rtlsdr library you'll notice there are two directories, x32 and x64.  Ideally you should update your system path to point to the relevant directory.  You can use Rapid Environment Editor to do this.  For example I've extracted the library to 'C:\Program Files\rtlsdr' and as I'm using the 64 bit version my path variable now contains 'C:\Program Files\rtlsdr\x64'.  To do this start RapidEE, click 'Restart as administrator' then select the 'path' variable and press 'Alt-Ins' to add a new directory.  Now press F7 and browse to the x32 or x64 directory, click 'Save' and try the program again.

Alternatively if you extract the contents of the x32 or x64 directory to where you have the scanner installed (although technically it's best to use the first method as the library is designed to be shared by multiple programs).

Hope that helps,