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Hi all,

The program has been installed like the recommandations and all dependencies too. A
pip list shows the installed modules (includes rtlsdr-scanner (1.2.2) )

appdirs (1.4.0)
Beaker (1.6.4)
certifi (2017.1.23)
cycler (0.10.0)
Cython (0.21.2)
libxml2-python (2.9.2)
Mako (1.0.0)
MarkupSafe (0.23)
matplotlib (1.5.3)
nose (1.3.1)
numpy (1.9.1)
olefile (0.44)
packaging (16.8)
Pillow (4.0.0)
pip (9.0.1)
pycairo (1.10.0)
PyOpenGL (3.1.0)
pyparsing (2.1.10)
pyrtlsdr (0.2.4)
pyserial (3.2.1)
python-dateutil (2.6.0)
pytz (2016.10)
rtlsdr-scanner (1.2.2)
setuptools (34.2.0)
six (1.10.0)
visvis (1.9.4)
wxPython (
wxPython-common (

When I want to run it, I've a message by python that explains the module is not found... but it's in pip list result's.

A pip search result didn't say the same thing:
pip search rtlsdr
dump1090exporter (16.10.5) - A Prometheus metrics exporter for the dump1090 Mode S decoder for RTLSDR
pyrtlsdr (0.2.4) - A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
INSTALLED: 0.2.4 (latest)
rtlsdr_scanner (1.2.2) - A simple spectrum analyser for scanning with a RTL-SDR compatible USB device

but the installation was successful (small part of the console):
Running install for rtlsdr-scanner ... done
Successfully installed Pillow-4.0.0 cycler-0.10.0 matplotlib-1.5.3 olefile-0.44 pyOpenGl-3.1.0 pyrtlsdr-0.2.4 pyserial-3.2.1 python-dateutil-2.6.0 pytz-2016.10 rtlsdr-scanner-1.2.2 visvis-1.9.4

Someone can help me ?
In advance, many thanks.. Bruno.

P.S: The dongle is found by the system (Mac OS X) and works well under gqrx.