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This post is a bit out of date, multiprocessing is now used in the software but I was talking about creating Windows executables. I no longer distribute these binaries but use an installer instead.

The effect multiprocessing is best seen when using very short dwell times, with longer dwells the processing of the signal is much shorter than the capture time so little benefit is gained. Without multiprocessing slow machines could delay the next signal capture while the data was processed, this is no longer the case.

The main reason for the speed limitation is the sample rate of the RTLSDR dongle, at some point I'm going to add an option to change this but it won't make a big difference to scan times. As the scanner sweeps across a frequency range multiple times to get an approximation of a flat frequency response, the scan is slowed even more.

Thanks for the links, I found them interesting as it's always good to see how the software is used.