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Good Afternoon,

I have experimented a little bit the last days and debugged the application. Now I know the problem is in the following function:

def read_bytes(self, num_bytes=DEFAULT_READ_SIZE):
''' Read specified number of bytes from tuner. Does not attempt to unpack
complex samples (see read_samples()), and data may be unsafe as buffer is
# FIXME: libsdrrtl may not be able to read an arbitrary number of bytes

num_bytes = int(num_bytes)

# create buffer, as necessary
if len(self.buffer) != num_bytes:
array_type = (c_ubyte*num_bytes)
self.buffer = array_type()

result = librtlsdr.rtlsdr_read_sync(self.dev_p, self.buffer, num_bytes,\

and just by the last call. It is possible under ubuntu to take a dwell (with sampling rate of 3M) up to 2 seconds. More than that, no chance to read this amount of samples.

My very last question: Is it possible to get the same effect like a high dwell of 4 seconds in RTLSDR-Scanner in any other way?
Thanks again and sorry for my amount of questions.

Best regards,