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Thanks, AL.
So, does the following sound correct? The app is able to read and display info from the connected device only. If it is connected to an HSDPA (3G) tower, it will show and label it. If connected to an HSPA+ (4G) tower, it will show and label that tower as such. It does not matter which carrier (provider) or which band is being used for the connection.
From my house (I'm on a mountain), I see up to 7 EDGE (2G) towers with my phone connected to one of them or another but with perhaps two or three others in blue, showing my phone is aware of them.
T-mobile has refarmed those towers to also support LTE (on 1900Mhz PCS Band II). So, when I get a phone that supports 1900 LTE, I should see one of those towers (the one I'm connected to) labeled as LTE, correct?