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I appreciate you app and realize I'm using it in an offlabel way but hope you can help as is giving me better info than other apps. I am on TMOBILE and have intermittent coverage issues from my home. Their support has been unhelpful so put on my sherlock guise and started tracking towers. Your app has been spot on in identifying that at times I will jump thru 7 towers (whilst still in one spot in my house), and seeing when I last was on each tower helps me track it in a document.

What I can't do is get a full history. If I'm on towers 1, 5,2, 3, 6, 1, 2, 1 for example, I can only see the last time I was on #1, not that I bounced there 3 times. It's there a setting I missed? I am exporting cached locations often, but when the problem occurs, might jump 50 times in a few minutes, so am missing some data points. I am on lollipop and Google has locked down some settings previously available, so many utility apps require root. Can't root and void warranty which is why I am pushing your app past its intended purpose.

Even if that feature is not available, I do find your app very useful and thank you.