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Ok i found a solution. The problem was in firmware configuration of my GPS/GNSS usb receiver. Based on u-blox 8 module (USB\VID_1546&PID_01A8). Probably the problem was that receiver except GPS location module gives also location based by GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS.. such a "package" of coordinates was hard to understand by RTLSDR Scanner.

Install u-blox u-center (i'am using v19.06) click View->Configuration View or (Ctrl+F9) and go to GNSS (GNSS Config) in Enable column uncheck all GNSS systems and left only GPS. Click SEND and close the window. You should see a window informed you that you have made modifications to the GNSS receiver but you haven-t saved the settings. Click YES chect that option Save current configuration is checked and click SEND. Close the window, close u-center and try RTLSDR Scanner again. When it starts you should see green dot in right bottom of window and coordinates.

Best regards.