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Hi Al, I have been delayed with this project due to a birth and a death in the family last week. Hoping to get back to it now!
in 2013 Bill wrote... In order to get the Noise floor more close to reality, I modified line 1448 in
I'm guessing it should be around -110 dBm in a 2 MHz BW (Sample Rate of 2,000,000 samples/sec).
By default I was seeing a noise floor of around -50 dB as indicated in plots, so I subtracted 60.
power = 10 * math.log10(scan[freq]) - 60
Then used only enough gain so as not to increase the noise floor upon scans..
Does this sound reasonable?

I would like to display this range of signal levels as an S9 signal is around -72dB and the noise I am looking for is around this level or lower. I have downloaded VIM + Cream editor and looked at all the Python files but cant find the area of the program Bill refers to. I guess the files i have down loaded are already compiled ( i am not Python savvy). Is there any easy way I can modify what I have (which is working well) to achieve the -100dB to - 40 db scale on the display? best regards