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This should be perfect when used in conjunction with Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE) so I can use the location sensor on a Thinkpad Tablet 2 and feeding to my various mapping and GIS programs. I'm currently using VSPE on a Win7 netbook ( ) in an experimental setup that receives NMEA GPS data via WiFi from an Android phone or tablet running Turbo GPS 2 (Or the stripped down version 'GPS Sharing for Windows'). This author and another have a similar solution to yours for converting location sensor data to NMEA format but want 15 bucks for it.

Thanks for providing this for free and providing the source, I'm a hardware hacker not a software hacker but it's interesting to see how this works as I believe we are going to see more and more of this and less and less NMEA0183 which was supposed to be gone by now but the proliferation of cheap GPS devices outputting in NMEA0183 format made too popular with consumers to drop and extended it's life at least 10 years ... Kinda like Windows XP