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Hi Al,

I've been testing SDR#1414-1416
Things have changed.

1] The Audio Gain starts 0-60, first step is 30 dB and each step is 5 dB,
[Set Audio Volume to 45 dB]
{"Command": "Set", "Method": "AudioGain", "Value": 45}
{"Result":"Error","Type":"Value error","Message":"Greater than 40"}

2] [Get value of FilterType 1-6], not 0-6
{"Command": "Get", "Method": "FilterType"}
{"Result":"OK","Method":"FilterBandwidth","Value":3} the filling text FilterBandwidth must be FilterType, I think...

[Set Filter Type 1 Hamming]
{"Command": "Set", "Method": "FilterType", "Value": 1}

3] [Set Modulation type] this mode must be set between "xxx"
{"Command": "Set", "Method": "DetectorType", "Value": "NFM"}

4] [Set Net Remote off Closing Network Connection]
{"Command": "Exe", "Method": "Close", "Value": true} This crashed SDR#

So this I have tested this weekend with PuTTY.
Great plugin, and thanks for this.

ps. I will make the arduino version this days.