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Hi Al,

I am a wildlife biologist and I think I could use something like Wild Find. It sounds like it is fairly close to what I need. I have been thinking about using SDR with GPS for a while now to pinpoint VHF radio collars. It would be ideal, however to have a system that could use the results from Wild Find to autonomously navigate a 3DR Solo UAV, a drone with a Pixhawk autopilot, to the collar where it would hover for a period of time. I think this would require a onboard companion computer. I am somewhat knowledgeable of drone mission planning, I have made heat maps in ArcMaps, and I have used SDR# (SDR Sharp), but I am very new to the rest (i.e., companion computers, Python scripts, etc.). I just ordered my first Raspberry Pi yesterday - That should give you an idea of how new all this is for me. That said, I am very enthusiastic about making a system like this and would very much appreciated your input; especially on the drone navigation part. Is this something you might be able to help me with?