Userspace driver for Owon PDS oscilloscopes
LibOwonPds Documentation

Copyright 2015 Al Brown

al [at]

A userspace driver for Owon PDS oscilloscopes.

Tested with a PDS5022S, but should work with variants.

More details can be found here.

Tested on:



Build & Install

``` mkdir build cd build cmake .. make sudo make install ```



owonpds [filename]

Print information about the scope data and optionally save it to a CSV or PNG file depending on the scope mode.


An Python test script '' is included in the 'src/' directory to display vector data from the scope

C Library

``` void main(void){ OWON_SCOPE_T scope; owon_open(&scope, 0); // Success if zero owon_read(&scope); // Success if zero /* scope structure now holds captured data

Python Wrapper

``` import libowonscope

def main: scopeObj = libowonpds.OwonPds() # Success if zero # Success if zero data = scopeObj.get_scope()

data holds the captured data

owon_read() again or

scopeObj.close() ```


Known Limitations


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