ESP8266 Monitor

Broadcasts the current state of an ESP8266 and DS18b20 temperature monitor, using deep sleep mode to keep current draw to a minimum - ideal for battery powered projects.

Measurements are broadcast as JSON data to the local network over UDP.

Download from GitHub.

Copyright 2018 Al Brown

al [at]




Edit 'config.h' changing the necessary #define statements to suit your needs:

  • SSID_NAME: The name of your WiFi access point
  • SSID_PASSWORD: The WiFi password
  • INTERVAL:  The time between measurements (if this is too short it will never deep sleep)
  • VCC: The power supply voltage (3 - 3.6 v)
  • DIVIDER: If you have a voltage divider on the ADC input

Use the Arduino IDE to upload the 'ESP8266_Monitor.ino' sketch.


JSON formatted data is broadcast to the local network on the default port of 7711.

Example output:

{"Voltage":0.283594, "GPIO0":true, "GPIO2":true, "GPIO5":true, "GPIO12":true, "GPIO13":true, "GPIO14":true, "GPIO15":false, "Temperature":14.3125, "Host":"ESP_F1DCD0", "RSSI":-37}

Electrical Characteristics

Parameter       Min Max Units
Supply Voltage 3.0 3.6 V
ESP8266 Current 0.002 70 mA
DS18b20 Current 0.75 1 mA



A Python 3.x monitor and [ELK]( Logstash configuration are included in the examples directory.


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