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Easy RTLSDR Scanner Installation

Installation just got easier!

One of the problems users often encounter with the RTLSDR Scanner software are the numerous steps required to install it, because of this I've spent some time on converting it to a proper Python package and uploading it to the Python Package Index.

Now, rather than installing numerous dependencies you just need to install Python 2.7, wxPython (on OS X you'll need to run a few more steps) and run the command:

python -m pip install -U rtlsdr_scanner

Windows users can still use the installer that takes care of all the above steps.


Further details can be found on the installation page.

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RTLSDR Scanner Installer Has Moved

The RTLSDR Scanner installer for Windows has been moved from Sourceforge to GitHub after complaints from users concerning misleading adverts and slow downloads.

I'll keep the Sourceforge project page but won't update it with the newer installers any more, these will be available on GitHub from now on.


The installer can be used to install or update RTLSDR Scanner to the most recent version, also available are stand alone executables for Windows which don't need any dependencies installed and may be easier for some people.

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Controlling SDR# with an Arduino

Recently [johnnyk] posted a comment asking if I could add some more attributes to the SDRSharp Net Remote plug-in, I appreciate users leaving comments as they often help me improve my projects.

In this case [johnnyk], in true hacker style*, is think of building a console to control SDR#.  A good idea if you ask me, the ergonomics of applications design result in the mirroring of real-world controls such as knobs and sliders and almost always buttons.  Why not give them a physical presence?

To that end I've added serial support to the plug-in so it's easier to control with a microprocessor and posted a simple tutorial showing how rotary encoder can control the frequency in SDR# with an Arduino.

If you decide to build one yourself it would be great if you could post some pictures, just leave a link in the comments below - thanks.


* Build it, don't buy it.

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RTLSDR Scanner Standalone Application

RTLSDR Scanner executables are now available for Windows again after a long break.

These don't require any installation or additional dependencies other than the RTLSDR driver, so are much easier to use.

The downside is the preview plot is not enabled and I'll only be updating it when I add new features or fix anything other than minor bugs.

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Cell Map (Ad Free) Released

An advert-free version of Cell Map is now available, head over to the details page for links.