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Cell Map I've just released Cell Map, and Android app that locates the cell towers your phone is connected to.

Designed for those who want to find a transmitter with a good signal or just the curious, I hope you find it useful.




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Wanted to use your program to determine the signal direction of the tower used by my cell phone. I am at the extreme limit of coverage. I planned to use the data to point my Signal booster.
It knew exactly where I was located but showed the tower in Texas. This seems to be a common complaint. Could it be you are using the GPS data incorrectly for the tower location? Just a thought. Keep up the good work and thanks for what you are doing. Could it be we are using the program incorrectly.

I could not get it to show where I was located. After a number of minutes I zoomed out from Texas and saw a blue dot. I moved over to there and found It was in Huntsville, Al and was located over the room I was setting at using my computer.

I wish you success.


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I'm hoping to release a new update soon which may help the issues.

The big problem is the even if a cell tower gives it's location most of the time it hasn't been set or is wildly inaccurate (many will report being off the west coast of Africa).

I think the blue dot you saw is the Google Map GPS location, it's an arrow if you are moving or a dot when stationary, the accuracy of the lock is indicated by a circle. Cell towers are marked with a black cross hair.

Thanks for the feedback, it's useful information.

This is the only app I have found so far that accurately identifies the location of Verizon towers for me. The other apps have been way off. Is there any way to "cache" these locations in the app though? Would really like to basically have every tower that my phone locates stay on the map so I know where previously used towers are at if I'm having bad coverage I could go closer to try to switch towers. Since I'm on 3G/LTE I know it only locates one tower at a time but thought this would be a helpful way to see more towers than just the one I'm currently connected to.

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Hi John,
Always good to hear that someone is finding it useful, thanks for the feedback.

I like your idea about showing the locations of other towers and I will add this as an option to the next version.

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Hi John,

I've just uploaded a new version to Google Play which shows the previously discovered cells.
If you have any other suggestions please comments again.


I am finding this app very useful in trying to troubleshoot connection issues. One question is can you explain the dfferent colored circles. ( Red, orange, yellow)

Thanx in advance

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Hi Paul,

Red marks a cell tower with unknown signal strength
Blue circles show a tower with it's strength (larger = higher signal level)
Yellow marks cached towers (ones that the phone has previously found)

An orange circle is a combination of red (unknown strength) and yellow (a previous detection). This could mean that there are two transmitters on the same tower (there are usually a few) or the transmitter has been changed and the old one is showing as yellow.

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