Controlling SDR# with an Arduino

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Recently [johnnyk] posted a comment asking if I could add some more attributes to the SDRSharp Net Remote plug-in, I appreciate users leaving comments as they often help me improve my projects.

In this case [johnnyk], in true hacker style*, is think of building a console to control SDR#.  A good idea if you ask me, the ergonomics of applications design result in the mirroring of real-world controls such as knobs and sliders and almost always buttons.  Why not give them a physical presence?

To that end I've added serial support to the plug-in so it's easier to control with a microprocessor and posted a simple tutorial showing how rotary encoder can control the frequency in SDR# with an Arduino.

If you decide to build one yourself it would be great if you could post some pictures, just leave a link in the comments below - thanks.


* Build it, don't buy it.


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