RTLSDR Scanner Standalone Application

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RTLSDR Scanner executables are now available for Windows again after a long break.

These don't require any installation or additional dependencies other than the RTLSDR driver, so are much easier to use.

The downside is the preview plot is not enabled and I'll only be updating it when I add new features or fix anything other than minor bugs.




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I noticed that the GPS feature is not working when using your software on Windows.
I tried the executables as well as a manual installation - It shows me all satellite bars, but no coordinates/height at all. When using the NMEA server, the NMEA tool shows me the correct coordinates, but the scanner itself just shows blank fields.
I tried the tool on debian and it works as intended, though.
Windows was Win10.

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Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I've just updated the code and should have some updated executables soon.

Hi Al,

I am a ham radio operator with little programming ability (only x86 assembler, Basic, Delphi years ago), but I think there is a way to link SDR# to the Flrig radio control program via TCP/IP. Please contact me at my email address to let me know what is available in Net Remote that will do the job. Many thanks, Skip KH6TY

Hello, Hal,
Thank you for sharing your software.
I installed RTLSDR Scanner with the new "one Shot" exe on Windows 10.
Running really good on Plot, no waterfall shown on Spectrogram option. 3D showing the three spatial axis, no data.

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There a few bugs that I'm chasing down in some of the graphics, hopefully I'll have them fixed soon.

Thanks for letting me know.

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