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RTLSDR Scanner Binaries

I no longer use SourceForge to host content due to complaints. Take a look at the latest releases on GitHub instead.

As installing RTLSDR Scanner is a bit of a pain I've upload some test Linux and Windows executable binaries to SourceForge.

You'll still need the rtlsdr library in your path and Windows users may have to search for the 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package'.

I'd like to hear about your experiences with these in the comments below.


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STM32F4 HD44780 LCD Driver

Just a quick update, I've uploaded a driver for HD44780 LCD modules (common on eBay and elsewhere) for the STM32F4 line of microcontrollers.

LCD commands are added to a queue and executed on a timer interrupt, freeing up the processor in-between.  Communication to the LCD is in 4 bit mode and the busy flag is polled so 7 GPIOs are used.  I've implemented commands to control the display, print characters and set the CGRAM,  yet to come is scrolling support.

I've tested it using an STM32F4 Discovery and a few 1, 2 and 4 line displays.

More details here.

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DDS Sine Sweeper

DDS Sine SweeperIt's about time for some hardware, so here is the DDS Sine Sweeper, a sine source which outputs a sine wave from 1Hz-40MHz.  It's cheap and easy to build and all the plans and software are freely available.

From time to time I found myself needing  a separate signal generator.  In the back of my head I was thinking of just something simple but I also wanted to play about with DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), a method of creating a waveform digitally.  This allows precise control over the frequency from a microcontroller, allowing you to set the frequency and even jump to another very quickly.  Although it does have drawbacks the simplicity was a winner for me.

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RTLSDR Scanner

Screenshot 1

Last year while developing Linux drivers for digital TV, Antti Palosaar noticed a hidden debug mode, which allowed you to sample relatively large chunks of radio spectrum.  Thanks to this the RTL-SDR library was born and Software Defined Radio was available on the cheap, after all these dongles tend to cost less than £20.

A little while ago I uploaded my contribution to this, a GUI called RTLSDR Scanner, to GitHub.

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GPX Logger

Happy New Year!

GPX Logger is now available on Google Play for Android, it's a simple app to log GPS location data to a memory card. I've designed it as a data logger but it will also show your location on a map and display information about satellite signal strength.

If you use this app for anything out of the ordinary I would be interested to hear about it.