Cell Map Help


Main Screen



The main screen shows cell locations overlaid on a map, the larger the circle the greater the signal strength.

  • Blue circles represent cells that your device is currently aware of (3 and 4G devices typically only connect to one cell at a time).
  • Red circles indicate a cell with unknown signal strength.
  • Yellow circles are cells that you're device has previously connected to.

The cell you are connected to has a darker border around it.

Tap a cell to show more information about it.


Show a list of cells
Press to toggle zooming, long press it to zoom to just the cell you are connected to.
Tap to change the map type.

Info Popup


Info Popup

By tapping on a cell more information is shown about it: it's ID, type and signal strength.

If your device has a recent GPS location the compass bearing to the cell is shown.




The compass shows the bearing and distance to local cells, two toggle buttons are available:

  • Track - The compass will follow magnetic north.
  • Scale - Closer cells are shown with larger hands.


No cells are shown/Cells are shown after a delay/Cells come in and out of view .

Unfortunately not all devices (or even firmware versions) provide valid data about the cell connections.
The software relies on parts of Android that are not needed for it to work properly and as a result sometimes the implementation in the firmware isn't 100%.

Why can I see only one active cell?

In 3G and 4G typically only one connection is used whereas 2G could be 6 (assuming there are plenty of cells around).
Cells that the device has previously connected to will be cached and shown in yellow.