Cell Map

Cell MapHaving trouble getting a signal? Want to know where your local cell towers are?

Cell Map plots the location and strength of all the cell transmitters that your phone is connected to. Just move closer to one for a better signal!

Cell Map can even locate transmitters that are too weak to make a call from, ideal for areas with poor signals.

3G and 4G connections typically only give information about one mobile mast, but switching your device to 2G will potentially allow you to view more cell sites and is recommended

Quick overview and FAQ

Please ask questions or leave bug reports in the comments below, thanks.

Cell Map

Cell Map

Cell Map (Ad Free)

 Cell Map



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Hi. I have the paid version of the app for Android. Please consider enabling the "Move to SD-Card" feature. Thanks!

Al's picture

Thanks for pointing that out. It will be added to the next release.


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