GPX Logger

Cell Map A simple GPS data logger, designed to be robust and battery efficient.

Intended to be hands off, its ideal for recording your latest walk, run or cycle.

GPX Logger records files onto your memory card in the GPX file format, which can be readily imported into most mapping software.

As it only requires low end hardware (Froyo 2.2 and above) it can be used in more adventurous projects such as model plane or rocket black box recording.

GPX Logger

Cell Map

GPX Logger (Ad Free)

 Cell Map





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I just see that I wrote "RunAsOne" but it is "TrainAsOne".

So thanks for the answer. I just use now Runkeeper and Runkeeper is connected to TrainAsOne and so all works now fine.
I load the GPX File from GPXLogger to Runkeeper and that is automatically synchronized to TrainAsOne...
And I can live with that handling ;-)

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I'm glad you have found an acceptable solution.

I think it's very likely that I'll add GPX 1.1 support, I'm just not sure when I'll get a chance to add it.


it's about precission on start app or exit from a no gps coverage zone. At this moments the precission it's too low and record incorrect points. Maybe an option to ignore low precission points can be useful


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Good idea, I'll try and implement that soon.

Please add language option.

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I'd really like to but it comes down to cost.

What language would you like to see added to the app?

Is it possible modify software to add "image" in waypoints?

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Currently not as I wanted the app to be as lightweight as possible. Also images are not a part of the GPX standard so integrating them would be difficult and could potentially cause compatibility problems.

I'll give the idea more thought and see if I can come up with a good solution.

Thanx for quick reply.,
It is true to have lightweight app But having image option for waypoint is really good option for route tracking.

Great app! Thanks.
Is it possible to save on the SD card?

Suggestion: Save altitude data also.


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Sorry that isn't possible as Android prevents a service saving to external storage, it's just in case you eject the card whilst it's running.

Hi, thanks for the app, really useful. I use tracks to geotag photos from a non-GPX camera. I'm finding that the altitude records are inaccurate. I'm being picky as these are not essential for my photos, but is there any way to calibrate or otherwise increase the accuracy? Thanks

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Hi and thank you.

Accuracy is all down to the device and how many satellites is can communicate with.
You can check if high accuracy mode is enabled in the system settings (usually under 'Location'), but other than that there's not much you can do to improve matters.

I have problem with time on Samsung Galaxy S III. The problem occurred yesterday. The time the GPS shows is 1999-08-23. Is it possible to solve it in the program somehow?

The app stops recording automatically after I start recording (form a few seconds to a few minutes). Is this a known bug?

Thank you for the great app! I use full version for recording and uploading tracks, so I thought it would be more convenient if there was some button on main screen, that stops recording and activates "Share" option on most recent track (upload via email, etc). Or it could appear instead of "Stop", when recording is done.


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