RTLSDR Driver Installation




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rtl_test show 2 device
0:junk of symols
rtl_test -d1 work properly, as described above
How to point rtl scaner use index 1 instead of 0 ?

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If you start the scanner then click 'Edit -> Radio devices' you should be able to select the second device.

It might be worth unplugging all your USB devices, one at a time and running rtl_test, to see which one is interfering with the rtlsdr driver.

I first installed SDR#, ran zadiag v2.2.689 build 0 to install the driver - all OK. I run SDR# and it works fine.

I tried to install RTLSDR-Scanner v1.0.2298.18049. It fails with the above message. According to the on-line documentation the Windows installer is supposed to install all the dependencies. What am I missing?

Source computer is Windows 7 Pro, all Microsoft updates installed.

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Did you use rtlsdr_scan-windows-64bit.exe or rtlsdr_scanner-setup-win32.exe?

What is the error you are receiving?

I use RTL#, so hopefully all drivers are installed successful?
The device called: RTL2838UHIDIR and the driver, installed by Zadig and used by RTL#, was: WinUSB V6.1.
My system is Win 8.2 (64bit)

I want to try RTLSDR Scanner so i get the the file above and run it.
But everthiing i get is a window with a message that an import error (loading librtlsdr) occured.
I exspect that all files, needs for running under win, are included in the standalone version?
There is no different between standard user, run as or admin.
I also instaleld the visual c++ 2013 runtime (without change).
Please be so kind to give me a step by step instruction what i have to do to run the software successful.

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Have you added RTLSDR driver to your path (the x64 directory)?

OK, i copied the files (x64 folder) downloaded fom osmocom (RelWithDebInfo.zip) into the folder whre i run the standalone.exe from.
It looks as it is running, first scan was done!

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Lovely, glad it works. Hope you find it useful.

Hi! Thank you for this great material!

I get stuck in the Zadig step: I find 8 devices with Zadig but none is Bulk-in. Could you please help me out?

Again, thank you very much.

Kind regards,


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Thank you.

In the options menu of zadig have you selected 'List All Devices'?

I don't have the Bulk-In option either.

I don't have the bulk in option, but I do have my rtl dongle as an option so I used that, but when I do the test I get the error: not recognized as internal or external command. I've done step 2 multiple different ways and nothing seems to work...Thanks!

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It sounds like the TV driver may be installed, try uninstalling it and run zadig again.

After setting the options to list all devices, I DO see the proper interface, however, when trying to install the driver, I get no success or installation of driver warning!

It just talks to me (like no one else does might I add) and then times out;
Oh, dear; please help me!

I followed the installation instructions, however, I would get the following error when starting RTLSDRScanner:

Import error: Error loading librtlsdr. Make sure librtlsdr (and all of its dependencies) are in your path

I would get the following when running rtl_test

Found 2 device(s):
0: , , SN: ⁿ
1: Realtek, RTL2838UHIDIR, SN: 00000001

Using device 0: Generic RTL2832U OEM
usb_open error -12
Failed to open rtlsdr device #0.

I solved it by installing the WINUSB driver for the Composite device in Zadig as explained in https://www.reddit.com/r/RTLSDR/comments/6fhdns/windows_failed_to_open_r...

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