STM32F4 HD44780 LCD Driver

Software for the ST Microelectronics STMF4 Cortex-M4 microcontroller to interface with a Hitachi-compatible HD44780 LCD module.  Works in 4bit mode using 7 pins and is 5v compatible, tested on a STM32F4 Discovery with a variety of LCD modules.

Download the latest release from GitHub.


Complete documentation can be found here.

A brief example is included in the source code.

Initialise the driver using:

hd44780_init(gpio, rs, rw, e, db4, db5, db6, db7, lines, font)


gpio - GPIO Port (GPIOA to GPIOE)

rs, rw, e, db4, db5, db6, db - Pins (GPIO_Pin_0 to GPIO_Pin_15)

lines - LCD lines (HD44780_LINES_1 or HD44780_LINES_2)

font - Font size (HD44780_FONT_5x8 or HD44780_FONT_5x10)